We are honored to announce that late last night, Co-Lead attorney Richard Schulte helped negotiate a Global Settlement with the University of Michigan. Michael Wright is a member of the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee and Dennis Mulvihill helped lead the litigation team and each played an instrumental role in bringing this case to resolution.

The settlement will include approximately 1,050 currently pending cases for a Global Settlement amount totaling $490 Million. Currently we are working on closing documents to finalize the settlement details and procedures.

“After extensive negotiations, we were able to reach a Global Settlement on behalf of our clients,” said attorney, Richard Schulte, Co-Lead attorney and negotiation team member for Plaintiffs. “The result sends a message to other universities that put their own self-interests before their students, we will find you, expose you, and hold you accountable. We are coming for you! This result will help bring closure to the survivors.”

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