We continue to see local governments around the country attack religious freedoms and the Amish. Following the success in Ohio and current litigation in Michigan, Attorneys Richard Schulte and Steve Behnke continue to protect religious freedoms. In Adams County, Indiana, the Amish are being pressured by the county government to use electric pumps and connect to the sewer system, which violates the Amish beliefs and traditions. Schulte and Behnke, along with James Buchholz, have submitted a counter-lawsuit against the Adams County Regional Sewer District. Read the Amish Families vs. Adams County Sewer District lawsuit below.

This is a similar situation to the religious rights attacks in Michigan and Ohio. The Adams County government wants the Amish to conform to the rest of the community in regards to waste water and plumbing. Use of electricity violates the traditional beliefs of the Amish. The Constitution of the United States and the Indiana Constitution, have strict language opposing laws that would limit or threaten free exercise of any religion. The Amish hold tightly to Deuteronomy 23:12-14. These verses create laws for living standards such as, “designate a place outside the camp where you can go to relieve yourself” and “your camp must be holy.” Forcing the Amish to change their camp and use electricity is wrong.

Richard Schulte and Steve Behnke are working on this case pro bono. The Amish do not believe in legal representation, however will agree to partner with attorneys who are passionate about helping the Amish and protecting religious rights. Wright & Schulte, LLC has a track record of helping the Amish and upholding the laws protecting religious expressions.

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