After years of fighting for justice and a verdict being reached in 2014, the conclusion of the Scharfstein v. BP West Coast Products, LLC case has been reached and payments to customers are going out. Over two million consumers who were overcharged on their debit cards when buying BP gasoline will now be receiving their deserved compensation. BP West Coast Products were charging an extra 35 cents per debit card transaction, often unknown to consumers. 35 cents doesn’t seem like much at one time but these transactions were happening around 13,000 times a day. And this is exactly what BP West Coast wanted; little, unknown costs, undercutting their “beloved” clients.

“After years of battling, an enormous victory for cheated Oregon consumers was finally brought to a conclusion last week. The case demonstrates the vital importance of class actions in achieving justice when consumers are ripped off.”

Here at Wright & Schulte, we are fighting for your rights, protection, and compensation just like this BP case. When we find an injustice in our community, our goal is to find those who have been wronged or harmed, fight for them against the corporations, and deliver your deserved compensation.

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