University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel will make an announcement on Thursday July 15th, on institutional improvements aimed at preventing abuse at the university.

At the Board of Regents meeting, Schlissel and the regents will consider modifications to the sexual misconduct policy. According to the individuals, some of these changes include modifications to the manner the Office of Institutional Equity conducts investigations, who requested anonymity owing to potential legal ramifications. Other reforms, they added, will improve background checks when hiring university workers.

Spotlight Michigan Spokesperson Autria Lindsay made the following statement ahead to today’s Board of Regents meeting:

“While this is an admirable attempt to rectify the decades of rape and sexual abuse that students have endured on the University of Michigan campus, Spotlight Michigan urges the Board of Regents to make serious institutional and cultural changes today that will protect current and future students to ensure these atrocities can never happen again. The widespread coverup of rape, sexual assault, and abuse that has taken place at the University of Michigan for decades has forever tarnished the reputation of the University.  

Schlissel’s remarks will be based on the work of Guidepost Solutions, which was engaged in December 2020 to assist with the implementation of recommendations following a study revealing years of sexual misconduct by former provost Philbert. According to the deal, UM will pay Guidepost $400,000 for work that will be finished by December 31, 2021. Read the MLive Report.

During a February 2021 regents meeting, the university stated that some ideas have already been adopted, while others are being developed and will be the focus of Guidepost. Schlissel and a few regents will go over the modifications in greater detail.

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