On the evening of February 3rd, 2021, Columbus Police officers arrested former Columbus Police officer Adam Coy for the murder of Andre Hill on December 22nd. Adam was fired for the CPD on December 28th following the incident.
“Finally the Ohio Attorney General steps in and does what the City of Columbus should have done long ago, hold this bad officer accountable for his abuse of power”  Schulte said. The fine citizens of Franklin county impaneled to hear the evidence against officer Coy have spoken by way of indictment. Now the citizens of Franklin county will judge his conduct. Sadly, the City of Columbus was on repeated notice for many years that they had a ticking time bomb in their ranks, and did not take the right steps to protect the public.
Attorneys Richard Schulte and Michael Wright are working with Attorney Ben Crump to represent the family of Andre Hill. Schulte says, “we are going to hold him accountable from a civil prospective and are hopeful that the prosecutors of Franklin County will do everything they can to convict the former office of murder.”
Read the indictment below:

Adam Coy Indictment