The Ohio State University settled more cases regarding the Richard Strauss sexual abuse. In May, Ohio State announced a 40.9 million Qualified Settlement Fund for 162 survivors who were brought forth in 12 lawsuits. On October 13th 2020, an additional 5.8 million dollar settlement for another 23 survivors in 5 lawsuits was reached. This is approximately $252,000 per survivor.

Ohio State President Kristina M. Johnson says, “The university has condemned Strauss’ reprehensible conduct and expressed its appreciation to survivors for coming forward… Our work toward restorative justice continues.”

OSU’s settlement totals $46.7 million for 185 survivors. No taxpayer, tuition, or restricted donor funds are utilized for these settlements. Funds will be allocated on an individual basis based on the harm and damages experienced by individual survivors. A Special Master, independent from the university and law firms and experienced in sexual abuse claim evaluation, will oversee the settlement allocations.

Wright & Schulte, LLC Attorney Richard W. Schulte, lead negotiator for the plaintiffs’ firms in both settlements, states, “Our ongoing negotiations with Ohio State have resulted in a fair settlement process that acknowledges the harm inflicted on individual survivors and provides a pathway to healing. Once again, Ohio State has stepped forward and done the right thing.”