The attorneys at Wright & Schulte are representing Ohio State Athletes sexually abused or harassed by Dr. Richard Strauss. Over his 20 years at OSU, Dr. Strauss committed a reported 177 acts of sexual abuse and harassment. Over these years, the administration knew what was happening and “failed to investigate or act meaningfully.”

Dr. Richard Strauss served as the assistant professor of medicine and the physician for the wrestling team from the mid-1970s until the late 1990s. After leaving the university, he opened an off-campus private men’s clinic, where the abuse continued.

Attorney Richard Schulte will be representing a different group of about 125 survivors. You can read more about this case and Schulte’s work on Associated Press. NBC News has an exclusive video about 3 of the victims sharing their story.

Client Steve Lee speaks to Columbus’s NBC4i about why ‘the story needs to be told.’

Our legal team works tirelessly to ensure institutions are held accountable for the sexual abuse of athletes. If you or a loved one were involved with sexual abuse or harassment please contact our team of attorneys.

Learn more at Sports Illustrated and watch the Ohio House Civil Justice Committee hearing here (starts at 7:45).

You can read the full investigative report here.


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