Did you suffer a Just for Men chemical burn? A growing number of internet reports indicate that the popular men’s hair dye may be causing severe chemical burns in some users. Wright & Schulte LLC is currently investigating these reports, and is anxious to hear from anyone who suffered a chemical burn from Just for Men. Please contact the firm if you or a loved one used Just for Men and developed any of the following reactions:

  • Facial Swelling
  • Severe Burning Pain on Skin
  • Sores on the Skin that “Weep”
  • Severe Itching
  • Blistering of Skin
  • Rapidly Spreading Skin Rash
  • Scarring

A severe chemical burn from Just for Men has the potential to cause great pain and suffering, and may even result in permanent disfigurement. The attorneys at Wright & Schulte LLC are committed to ensuring that the alleged victims of Just for Men chemical burns obtain the justice they deserve. To learn more, please contact Wright & Schulte LLC as soon as possible for a free, no-obligation Just for Men burns legal consultation to ensure you are treated fairly and receive all of the compensation the law allows.

Just For Men Burn Reports

Just for Men is a popular hair dye that has been on the market for 25 years. The product has long been touted by celebrity endorsers like ex-baseball star Keith Hernandez and basketball hall of famer Walt Frazier as an easy way for men to cover graying hair on their heads, as well as in their beards and mustaches.

In October 2012, Consumer Affairs reported that it had been receiving a growing number of complaints from consumers who had allegedly suffered serious chemical burns from Just for Men. Many of those reports came from men who claimed to have used the hair dye for years without incident. This fact prompted some to speculate that Combe Incorporated had changed its formulation, something the company denies.

The Just for Men website does caution that some users could have an allergic reaction to the hair dye, and advises that they wash the dye out and discontinue using it if they experience any itching or burning. But according to a least one Just for Men burn report received by Consumer Affairs, that doesn’t always work:

“I applied the beard dye as detailed in the directions,” a man from Massachusetts wrote. “I had a burning sensation as well, and after rinsing it off, I thought I was fine. The next day, my face and neck had swollen up horribly. The following morning my skin had begun to weep as well, and I went to the ER. I was admitted immediately, as it looked horrible. They were concerned about my throat swelling shut. I am nearly 50 and do not have any allergies that I know of. Whatever is in this stuff is harsh. I needed steroids and Benadryl.”

Numerous similar experiences of chemical burns from Just for Men have been detailed on the Consumer Affairs complaints website, such as these logged in October 2013:

“I have used this product for years but recently started to have skin reactions to the product. I always follow the instructions and have had similar issues over the past 6 months. I applied the product as usual at 7AM and by 4PM my skin developed a burning, itching, oozing blister. They definitely need to do something about the formula. I need an alternative solution until they get this right!”

“I applied JFM black to my beard on 3 occasions. By the last application my face burned bad and developed bad rashes and blisters all over. It has been 24 hours since I applied it and the pain is still severe. If it persists tomorrow I will see a doctor. Something is very wrong here, please do not use. My tonsils are also sore.”

“Been a user of the JFM product for years with no issues. Starting with the purchase of the product in late June or so, I started to develop an itchy rash, with inflammation and watery-type oozing that would appear shortly after each application. The itching has been driving me crazy and I’ve tried so many different ointments to stop the burning and itchy side effects.”

Legal Consultations Now Available To Victims Of Chemical Burns From Just For Men

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