Wright & Schulte LLC Files Skechers Shape-Ups Lawsuit on Behalf of Woman Forced to Undergo Ankle Surgery, Allegedly Due to Skechers Shape-Ups Toning Shoes.


Plaintiff Alleges She was Lulled by Advertising for Skechers Shape-Ups into Purchasing a Dangerous Product that Produced a Substantial Risk of Causing Chronic Injuries and Inducing Falls.

Skechers-Shape-Ups-Injuries-Lawsuits-Ankle-Injury-Lawyer-AttorneyThe nationwide law firm of Wright & Schulte LLC has filed a Skechers Shape-Ups injury lawsuit on behalf of a Fort Campbell, Kentucky, woman who suffered severe injuries, including tendon and ligament damage, allegedly due to Skechers Shape-Ups toning shoes. The lawsuit, which was filed in the Skechers Toning Shoe Product Liability Litigation (MDL 2308) now underway in U.S. District Court, Western District of Kentucky, names Skechers USA Inc., Skechers USA Inc., II, and Skechers Fitness Group as Defendants (3:12-cv-00612-TBR).

According to the complaint, the Plaintiff purchased a pair of Skechers Shape-Ups toning shoes in 2010. After initially wearing the toning shoes for 25-45 minutes the first two weeks after purchase, she began wearing the Skechers Shape-Ups during her daily activities. On three separate occasions, while wearing the shoes and walking on a flat surface, her Skechers Shape-Ups toning shoe suddenly and without warning pronated inward and caused her right ankle to collapse, and causing her to fall in excruciating pain. Each time, she was diagnosed with a sprained right ankle.

Following her third fall, the Plaintiff underwent an MRI that revealed she had suffered damage to the tendons and ligaments in her right ankle. In February 2012, the Plaintiff underwent surgery to repair the damage in her ankle. Afterwards, she was required to wear a cast for four weeks, and attend physical therapy for approximately two months. The Plaintiff claims that she has incurred significant medical expenses, could incur future medical expenses, and has suffered physical pain and mental anguish. Additionally, she is now at increased risk for future health problems and disability, the complaint alleges.

According to the lawsuit, Skechers toning shoes’ rocker bottom soles are designed to create instability and to change gait mechanics. The complaint alleges, however, that it is well established in the medical literature that changing one’s gait can and does cause chronic injuries. The complaint further alleges that the health risks of Skechers outweigh the absence of any benefit provided to the wearer. The Plaintiff claims that after seeing many television and print advertisements touting the benefits of Skechers Shape-up toning shoes, she was lulled into purchasing a dangerous product that the Defendant knew produced a substantial risk of causing chronic injuries and inducing falls.

According to Wright & Schulte LLC, this new lawsuit is just one of dozens now pending in the Skechers Shape-Ups multidistrict litigation in the Western District of Kentucky before U.S. District Judge Thomas B. Russell. Richard W. Schulte, a partner with Wright & Schulte LLC, is serving on the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee in the Skechers Shape-Ups litigation.

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