Imprelis Damage to Trees, Bushes and Plants Lawsuit

Imprelis Tree Damage | Dupont Imprelis Damage to Trees, Bushes and Plants

DuPont Imprelis Tree Damage | DuPont Imprelis Damage to Trees, Bushes and Plants | Dead or dying Trees, Dead or dying Bushes, Dead or dying Plants, | Trees Affected : Norway Spruce Trees, Spruce Trees, Eastern White Pine Tree, Conifer Trees, Willow Trees, Poplar Trees, Cedar Trees, and Deodora Cedars Tree Deaths and Damage Across U.S.A., Lethal Damage to Mature Trees, Browning Of Leaf Tips, | Areas Affected : Golf Courses, Country Clubs, Tree Farms, Tree Sanctuaries, Tree Distributors, Arboretums, Cemetaries, Universities, Nurseries, Orchards

Imprelis Damage to Trees, Bushes and PlantsDespite high hopes of the efficacy of Imprelis as a turf herbicide, within months of being introduced in the Spring 2011, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ordered DuPont (the manufacturer of Imprelis) to stop producing and distributing Imprelis due to a number of reports that it was poisoning the soil and causing serious tree damage. Initially, Imprelis white pine damage and Imprelis evergreen damage was noticed; however, a year later in the Fall of 2012 this Imprelis damage has been observed on more than just conifer trees, as many deciduous trees and other plant life have been ruined as a result of Imprelis exposure.

Although DuPont has established a compensation program for those who claim to have trees damaged by Imprelis, DuPont has:

  • Failed to payout for many of the 33,000 Imprelis damage claims it has received.
  • Grossly undervalued the compensation offers, as they were based only on the initial damage observed in 2011 and, therefore, fail to take into account the growing damage observed in 2012. Moreover, these offers also fail to account for some unknowns about the extent of the damage, such as the length of time that soil will remain poisoned and whether more plant life has yet to be affected by contact with Imprelis.

Given the extent of Imprelis damage and DuPont’s attempt to low-ball settlement offers, it is critical that those who have any type of Imprelis damage claim work with the skilled Ohio Imprelis lawyers at Wright & Schulte, LLC. We are already representing about 300 clients with Imprelis damage claims, and our attorneys are committed to holding DuPont accountable in an effort to help our Clients secure the compensation they deserve. We strongly encourage those with an Imprelis damage claim to learn more about their legal rights and receive a thorough evaluation of their case by meeting with our experienced lawyers as soon as possible.

Symptoms of Imprelis Tree Damage

Although the exact symptoms of Imprelis tree damage will depend on the level of exposure, as well as the type of plant life affected, they generally include some combination of:

  • Leaf abnormalities on pin oak, honeylocust, viburnums, Japanese cherry and Japanese maples
  • Death of new buds on Imprelis maple trees and oaks
  • Death of stems on honeylocust
  • Powder mildew infection on oaks that manifests as spotty, white discoloration
  • Thinning leaves on oaks and redbuds
  • Excessive acorn production of red oaks
  • Stunted growth of developing shoots coupled by extraordinarily long lateral shoots
  • Regrowth of needles at the base of dead shoots on Norway spruce and Imprelis blue spruce trees
  • Vertical cracks in the trunks of red oaks
  • Tree death in deciduous trees.

Individuals who notice any of these symptoms on trees that have been exposed to Imprelis may be entitled to compensation for their losses and will have the best chances of securing a settlement from DuPont by working with the Imprelis attorneys at Wright & Schulte, LLC.

Plant Life Damaged by Imprelis

Although the full extent of Imprelis damage has yet to be realized, to date, the following plant life has been reported to succumb to Imprelis damage:

  • Trees: Arborvitae, Ash, Cedar, Dogwood, Fir, Locust, Maple, Oak, Pine ,Redwood, Spruce, Yew
  • Bushes: Forsythia, Redbud, Rhododendron, Viburnum
  • Plants: Black Eyed Susan, Purple Coneflower, Delphinium, Lilac, Vinca minor (periwinkle)

Property owners are urged to keep an eye on any plant life in the vicinity of Imprelis exposure, as more varieties of plants, trees and bushes may be observed to be affected in the coming seasons and/or years.

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Compensation for Imprelis Damage

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