Fuel Gel Lawsuit | Fuel Gel Burns Lawsuit | Fire Starter Burns Lawsuit | Fuel Gel Products Lawyer

Fuel Gel Lawsuit | Fuel Gel Burns Lawsuit | Fire Starter Burns Lawsuit | Fuel Gel Injuries Lawyer

Fuel Gel Firepot Lawsuit | Fuel Gel Burns Lawsuit | Fire Starter Burn Lawsuit | Fuel Gel Burns Lawyer | Fuel Gel Injuries Lawsuit | Fire Starter Injuries Lawsuit | Fuel Gel Injuries Lawyer

gel-fuel-lawsuit-burn-injuriesWhile many people enjoy decorative portable firepots and fireplaces using pourable gel fuel such as Instant Fire Starters, others have been seriously injured after gel-fuel explosions and fires that caused severe burn injuries. The CPSC has received over 100 reports of portable liquid and gel-fueled fireplace burns and injuries after explosions resulted in 2nd and 3rd degree burns to the face hands and other body parts. A fuel gel recall was issued in 2011 and multiple Fuel Gel lawsuits have been filed against fuel gel manufacturers.
[http://www.cpsc.gov/en/Recalls/2011/Nine-Manufacturers-Distributors-Announce-Consumer-Recall-of-Pourable-Gel-Fuel-Due-to-Burn-and-Flash-Fire-Hazards/, Consumer Product Safety Commission, September 1, 2011]

Fuel gel explosions can occur when the gel fuel is poured into a firepot or fireplace that is still burning. The gel fuel can ignite unexpectedly and splatter, causing Fuel Gel burns on the person who is pouring it and on other people and objects nearby. Gel fuel manufacturers, distributors and retailers have faced Fuel Gel lawsuits filed by consumers who suffered second or third-degree Fuel Gel burns from splattered gel fuel. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), all pourable gel fuel, regardless of the manufacturer, poses flash fire hazards.
[http://www.nfpa.org/press-room/news-releases/2011/nfpa-and-cpsc-warn-consumers-to-immediately-stop-using-pourable-gel-fuel, National Fire Protection Association, September 2, 2011]

The personal injury attorneys at Wright & Schulte LLC understand the life-changing effect that serious fuel gel burns and injuries have on children and adults who have suffered second- and third-degree burns from exploding firepots or fireplaces. If you or a loved one have suffered serious Fuel Gel burn injuries associated with firepots or firestarters an experienced Fuel Gel burn attorney can help you obtain monetary damages for your severe injuries, pain and suffering, and current and future medical needs. For a free Fuel Gel Lawsuit evaluation or to learn more about your legal options, please contact the Fuel Gel burn lawsuit attorneys at Wright & Schulte today.

Gel Fuel Recalls

In June 2011, the Georgia-based Napa Home and Garden recalled about 460,00 bottles and jugs of its gel fuel that were linked to 37 incidents, that included 23 burn injuries. Three months later, the CPSC announced a voluntary recall of gel fuels made or sold by the following manufacturers and distributors:

  • Bird Brain Inc., of Ypsilanti, Michigan
  • Bond Manufacturing of Antioch, California
  • Sunjel Company (2 Burn Inc.) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Fuel Barons Inc. of Lake Tahoe, Nevada
  • Lamplight Farms Inc. of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
  • Luminosities Inc. (Windflame) of St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Pacific Décor Ltd. of Woodinville, Washington
  • Real Flame of Racine, Wisconsin
  • Smart Solar Inc. of Oldsmar, Florida

[http://www.cpsc.gov/en/Recalls/2011/Nine-Manufacturers-Distributors-Announce-Consumer-Recall-of-Pourable-Gel-Fuel-Due-to-Burn-and-Flash-Fire-Hazards/, Consumer Product Safety Commission, September 1, 2011]

Pourable Gel Fuel Burn Injuries

Pourable gel fuel is used to ignite flames in firepots, personal fireplaces and patio torches. Once ignited, the products maintain a flame over the surface of an open, fuel-filled reservoir. Pouring gel fuel into a firepot that is already burning may cause an explosion. In many instances, it is difficult to see the gel fuel flame, especially in daylight. According to the CPSC, burning gel fuel sticks to skin and is difficult to extinguish. The National Fire Protection Association says, “stop, drop, and roll” may not put out fire on clothing with gel fuel spilled on it. A dry chemical extinguisher or baking soda should be used instead.
[http://www.nfpa.org/press-room/news-releases/2011/nfpa-and-cpsc-warn-consumers-to-immediately-stop-using-pourable-gel-fuel, National Fire Protection Association, September 2, 2011]

As of February 27, 2014, the CPSC said it was aware of 106 incidents involving portable liquid and gel-fueled fireplaces. The incidents included 122 injuries, and at least 61 people were hospitalized, and two victims died. People used words such as, “fireballs,” “explosions,” and “napalm” to described the incidents because of the severe burns suffered by the user and bystanders. Of the 106 incidents, including the two deaths, most occurred while pouring, or immediately after pouring, gel fuel into the fuel reservoir.
[http://www.cpsc.gov/PageFiles/182039/UL-Letter-Portable-Fireplaces.pdf, Consumer Product Safety Commission, May 19, 2015]

Fuel Gel Lawsuits Due To Fuel Gel Burns And Injuries

Fuel Gel Lawsuits Due To Fuel Gel Burns And Injuries have been filed that allege users of gel fuel products and bystanders have been seriously harmed by a firepot or fireplace flash explosion. The Fuel Gel lawsuits maintain the gel fuel products have a design defect and manufacturers failed to adequately warn consumers about the fire risks associated with their products.

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