Status Conference For Risperdal Gynecomastia Lawsuit Claims Scheduled in Philadelphia For December Reports Wright & Schulte LLC


Risperdal Gynecomastia Lawsuit Claims Filed On Behalf Of Males Who Contend They Developed Abnormal Breast Tissue Due To Using Anti-Psychotic Drug Risperdal Continue In The Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

risperdal-lawsuits-Wright-and-Schulte-LLCWright & Schulte LLC reports that the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas has scheduled a status conference for December 2 on the Risperdal multicounty litigation. According to the court’s master case list, 1,007 Risperdal gynecomastia lawsuit claims are pending in the Philadelphia court’s mass tort program. The Risperdal lawsuit complaints have been filed on behalf of males who allege that they developed gynecomastia, which is abnormal breast tissue growth, as a result of using the antipsychotic drug. The Risperdal gynecomastia complaints also allege that some of the males underwent corrective surgery. The complaints also purport that Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary, Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc., failed to adequately warn doctors and their patients about the risks associated with using Risperdal. Court documents indicate that the first of three Risperdal bellwether trials was scheduled to begin on November 3 in the Philadelphia court. (In Re: Risperdal Litigation, Case Number 100300296)

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Risperdal as an atypical antipsychotic drug to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and irritability in autistic children and adolescents. In addition to gynecomastia, other Risperdal side effects according to the FDA are:

  • Hyperglycemia
  • Diabetes
  • Seizures
  • Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing)
  • Involuntary movements of the face or body
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Dry mouth
  • Abdominal pain

In 2006, the FDA issued its most serious warning, call “black box,” to indicate that elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis who use Risperdal are at an increased risk of death.
[,020588s044,021346s033,021444s03lbl.pdf, June 2009]
[, September 2006]

According to the FDA, Janssen began marketing Risperdal in March 2002, as a safe and effective drug for treating agitation associated with dementia in the elderly, even though the FDA had not approved Risperdal for use in that population. Janssen also marketed Risperdal without FDA approval to treat irritability in autistic children and adolescents. According to the FDA, Risperdal was not approved for use in children for any purpose until 2006. According to a study published in the April 2014 issue of Health Day News, Risperdal was used for treating children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), even though the medication had not been approved by the FDA to treat children with ADHD. The study examined data taken from over 26,000 children enrolled in one state’s Medicaid program in 2006. Researchers found that nearly one-third of children in foster care with ADHD were prescribed antipsychotic drugs that included Risperdal, Abilify and Seroquel. The FDA sent repeated warnings to Janssen about “misleading marketing messages” targeted to physicians. The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) launched a criminal investigation into Janssen’s marketing practices. In November 2013, Janssen pleaded guilty to charges of misbranding and filing false claims for Risperdal and paid over $1.6 billion to resolve all claims brought against the company by the DOJ.
[ With_ADHD_Treated_With_Antipsychotic_Drugs__Study.html, HealthDay News, April 10, 2014]
[, November 4, 2013]

Court documents indicate that Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas Judge Arnold New, who is presiding over the Risperdal mass tort program, issued an order on November 5, 2014, to add Patriot Pharmaceuticals LLC to the Risperdal litigation. According to court records, Patriot Pharmaceuticals is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Janssen Pharmaceuticals that markets and distributes the antipsychotic medication. Additionally, Judge New also granted a motion on October 30, 2014, by Excerpta Medica, Inc. and Elsevier, Inc., to allow plaintiffs to use an Amended Short Form Complaint after November 1, 2014, to indicate whether or not the plaintiffs will name those two companies as defendants in their lawsuits. The Risperdal lawsuit complaints allege that Excerpta Medica, Inc. and its parent company, Elsevier, Inc., worked with Janssen to create marketing materials and publish articles about Risperdal that were misleading and did not clearly disclose the alleged risk of developing gynecomastia while using the drug. (In Re: Risperdal Litigation, Case Number 100300296)

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