Rising Laundry Pod Poisoning Rates Leads To Calls For Detergent Manufacturers To Make Packaging Changes


Laundry Pod Poisoning Lawsuits Are Being Filed Due To The Serious Injuries Suffered From Exposure To Highly Concentrated Detergent. Proposed Legislation Calls For Changes In Laundry Pod Packaging.

laundry-pod-poisoning-lawyer-detergent-pod-attorney-lawsuitAs the number of reports of laundry pod poisoning increases, Wright & Schulte LLC note that laundry politicians and consumers are urging detergent manufacturers to make further changes to the packaging of their single-load liquid laundry detergent packets to make them visually less appealing to young children and tougher for them to open. Since thousands of children have suffered serious injuries from laundry pods, detergent companies have come under fire for the design of their laundry packets that attract young children who mistake the brightly colored pods for candy, according to the law firm. The American Cleaning Institute (ACI), which represents producers of household, industrial and institutional cleaning products, says that its members have been working for the past two years to reduce the number of laundry pod accidents involving children. According to the ACI, laundry detergent manufacturers have made major changes to their packaging that include:

• Easy-to-understand safety icons
• Improved warning labels that advise proper use and storage instructions
• Changing to opaque packaging so the packets are not visible from the outside

In 2013 Proctor & Gamble (P&G) redesigned the packaging of its Tide Pods by making the tub and bag containers opaque in order to obscure the contents from view. The company also began working with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) on a campaign to provide parents with information about home safety, particularly when it comes to keeping children safe around household cleaning products.
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“We urge the manufacturers of laundry pods to further evaluate what they can do to make these detergent pods safe for our children and the elderly. We have spoken to to many families who we believe have suffered severe injuries or family losses after purportedly ingesting laundry pods and will continue to fight for them and their loved ones” – Wright & Schulte LLC

The firm notes that a change in the packaging of laundry detergent pods is currently included in Congressional bills aimed at preventing children five and under from injuries or illness due to the highly concentrated detergent in laundry pods. In February, the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate introduced identical bills called Detergent Poisoning and Child Safety Act (PACS) of 2015. The proposed legislation calls for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to establish safety standards for liquid laundry detergent pods. The PACS bill requires new safety standards for the composition of the liquid detergent inside of the packets to make the consequences of exposure less severe. PACS also requires detailed warning labels and changing the packets design and color to make them less attractive to young children. As stated in the proposed legislation, making the packets less attractive would reduce the likelihood of children’s exposure to and ingestion of a laundry detergent pod. In responding to the PACS bill, the ACI said legislation is not necessary because its members are already working with CPSC in addressing concerns over laundry pods. If passed, the bill requires the CPSC to create new standards within 18 months.
[cleaninginstitute.org/aci_response_to_detergent_packets_safety_legislation/, February 26, 2015]

“We are looking forward to the passing of this bill and the change to packaging of laundry pods. We believe laundry pods to be very dangerous to children and our elders who may not be able to comprehend these pods are filled with potentially poisonous materials.” – Wright & Schulte LLC

According to data from the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC), reports of laundry detergent pod poisoning have jumped from 6,343 in 2012 to 11,714 in 2014. One seven-month old boy died after ingesting the concentrated laundry detergent inside a pod, the AAPCC reported. Additionally, poison control centers nationwide have received, 1,734 reports as of February 28 of children five years old and under suffering injuries from laundry detergent pods. According to a study in the journal, Pediatrics, laundry pod exposure leads to vomiting, coughing, choking, eye pain, drowsiness or lethargy. In more severe cases, children have suffered seizures, pulmonary edema, bradycardia, respiratory arrest, gastric burns and coma.

Laundry detergent pod poisoning lawsuits are being filed on behalf of children as well as adults who have been purportedly injured after laundry detergent pod exposure. Wright & Schulte LLC has filed laundry detergent pod lawsuits on behalf of 13 children who suffered serious injuries after either ingesting or being exposed to P&G’s Tide Pods laundry packets. The children ranged in age from 20 months to 5 years old. (Case No. A14068580, Court of Common Pleas in Hamilton County, Ohio) The law firm also filed a complaint against P&G on behalf of an elderly man who died after being exposed to Tide Pods. The Tide Pods complaint alleges the man, who suffered from diminished mental capacity, swallowed, inhaled or was exposed to the Tide Pods packets which resulted in serious personal injuries, including his tragic death. (Case No. A 1500868, Hamilton County (Ohio) Court of Common Pleas)

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