Nexium Lawsuits Alleging Proton-Pump Inhibitor Caused Kidney Failure Will Still Continue After Consolidation Denial


Nexium Lawsuits Allege Proton-Pump Inhibitor Drugs That Treat Heartburn And Acid Reflux Can Cause Chronic Kidney Disease And Kidney Failure.

Nexium-Lawsuit-Kidney-Damage-Lawsuits-Lawyer While A federal judicial panel denied a request to consolidate 15 federally filed Nexium lawsuits, the denial to consolidate will not effect filing a proton pump inhibitor lawsuit. The firms attorneys at Wright & Schulte LLC will continue to investigate claims that makers of Nexium, Prilosec OTC, Prevacid and other Proton-Pump Inhibitors drugs failed to adequately warn consumers about the medications’ potential for causing chronic kidney disease, kidney failure, renal failure, and other health complications.

“The denial of the plaintiffs’ consolidation request does not prevent consumers from filing individual Nexium lawsuits that seek potential compensation for side-effects they sustained from Nexium and other PPI drugs,” says Wright & Schulte LLC.

The firm continues to speak with men and women and their survivors from around the country who believe they have developed kidney problems including chronic kidney disease, kidney damage, kidney failure, or even death caused after taking Nexium and other Proton Pump Inhibitor drugs. If you or a loved one have suffered serious injuries from Nexium or Proton Pump Inhibitor medication, contact Wright & Schulte LLC for a free legal consultation by calling 1-800-399-0795 or you can visit for more information and to fill out a contact form.

In an order issued February 2, the JPML found that centralizing PPI drug lawsuits would not be convenient because some drug manufacturers are involved in more cases than others. For instance, AstraZeneca, which makes Nexium, is a defendant in 14 cases; Procter & Gamble, which makes Prilosec OTC is named in eight cases; Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc., which markets Prevacid and Dexilant, is named in four cases; and Pfizer, which only sells over-the-counter PPI formulations, is named in two cases. The federal panel also noted it was hesitant to centralize cases because the defendants are competitors and will need to protect trade secrets and confidential information. Additionally, the judicial panel found the variety of kidney injuries alleged and the differences in the PPI drugs undermine the advantage of centralizing cases. Finally, with only 15 lawsuits pending and 24 tag-along cases that could potentially be transferred into a multidistrict litigation, the JPML was not fully convinced that the number of Nexium lawsuit filings would “increase by the hundreds if not thousands,” as the plaintiffs indicated in their consolidation motion. (In Re: Proton-Pump Inhibitor Products Liability Litigation – MDL No. 2757)

Nexium, also known as “the purple pill,” and other PPI drugs are taken to reduce stomach acid, treat stomach ulcers, duodenal ulcers, heartburn, acid reflux disease and other digestive disorders. PPI drugs, such as Prevacid, Dexilant and Zegerid, are available by prescription and over the counter. According to Nexium lawsuits, PPI drugs have side effects that include chronic kidney damage, kidney failure, infection, low vitamin B12 levels, hip, wrist and spine fractures, and renal failure. (In re: Proton-Pump Inhibitor Products Liability Litigation – Nexium Lawsuits MDL No. 2757)

Court documents indicate that Nexium lawsuit filings continue with a recently filed complaint of a Georgia woman who was diagnosed with severe chronic kidney disease in 2015. According to the Nexium lawsuit, the plaintiff was prescribed Nexium in 2006 to treat peptic disorders, which includes gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and continued taking the medicine until 2015. As a result of taking Nexium, the plaintiff has lost significant function in her kidneys, the complaint said. The Nexium lawsuit claim contends Nexium is defective and its maker, AstraZeneca, concealed and failed to notify plaintiff and the public of the drug’s defects. (Nexium Lawsuit Case No. 1:17-cv-00142, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Georgia)

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Wright & Schulte LLC, is an experienced personal injury firm who’s attorneys are dedicated to their clients and the belief that America’s legal system should work for the people. Every day, the attorneys of Wright & Schulte LLC stand up for the rights of people who have been suffered serious side effects from Nexium and other harmful drugs. The firm continues to work with men, women and their families who have been wronged by big business and fight tirelessly to ensure corporations take responsibility for their actions.

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