More Skechers Injury Lawsuits On Behalf Of Four Men And Women Who Suffered Knee, Leg And Hip Injuries Allegedly Due To Skechers Shape-ups Toning Shoes


Skechers Injury Lawsuits Contend Shape-ups Are Defectively Designed And Causes Instability As Wearers Walk And Has The Potential To Cause Knee, Leg And Hip Injuries.

Skechers-Injurie-Lawsuist-Lawyer-Wright-and-Schulte-LLC-yourlegalhelpWright & Schulte LLC, who is currently representing hundreds of men and women that have been purportedly injured by Skeckers Shape-Ups is continuing to file Skechers injury lawsuits. One of the more recently complaints is on behalf of four Nevada residents who sustained severe injuries allegedly from wearing the rocker-bottom toning shoes. In one complaint, a Reno woman suffered a right lateral cartilage tear in her right hip after the Skechers Shape-ups she was wearing pronated inward and caused her to fall. The complaint says she underwent surgery to repair the damage allegedly caused by the shoes (Case No. 3:15-cv-00138) A Las Vegas woman suffered a broken tibia, torn ligaments, a hairline fracture and bursitis in her hip after her Shape-ups pronated suddenly and caused her ankles to collapse (Case No. 3:15-cv-00136). The lawsuits have been included in litigation established for Skechers Shape-ups toning shoes in U.S. District Court, Western District of Kentucky. The pending complaints against Skechers USA Inc. allege that the company’s Shape-ups toning shoes can potentially cause broken ankles, torn ligaments, femur fractures and other serious injuries. (In Re: Skechers Toning Shoes Products Liability Litigation – MDL 2308)

“The common allegation in these four Skechers injury lawsuits is that Skechers Shape-ups toning shoes suddenly pronate inward and caused the four Nevada plaintiffs to fall down and injure themselves,” says Wright & Schulte LLC, which is representing hundreds of plaintiffs in the Skechers product liability litigation. “This is why the Skechers complaints claim that Shape-ups are defectively designed because they can pronate without warning.” Richard W. Schulte, a founding partner with Wright & Schulte LLC, serves on the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee for the federal Skechers litigation. The law firm continues to offer free Skechers lawsuit evaluations to anyone who suffered serious injuries, including ankle, hip and wrist fractures, tendon and ligament damage, as well as head and spinal cord injuries while wearing Skechers Shape-ups toning shoes.

In another complaint filed by the law firm, a Las Vegas resident claimed he suffered a torn left patella tendon in his knee following a fall on a flat, concrete surface while wearing his Shape-ups. (Case No.3:15-cv-00135) Another Las Vegas resident was diagnosed with a fractured right hip following a fall she suffered while wearing the toning shoes. (Case No. 3:15-cv-00137) The Skechers complaints assert that the Nevada plaintiffs purchased the Skechers Shape-ups due to the health benefits the company purported the shoes would bring to its wearers. The complaints contend that instead of health benefits, the plaintiffs were “lulled into purchasing a dangerous product that the defendant knew produced a substantial risk of causing chronic injuries and inducing falls.” The Skechers lawsuits also note a judgment was entered in favor of the Federal Trade Commission which accused Skechers of misrepresenting the health benefits of wearing the Shape-ups toning shoes. Skechers was ordered to pay $40 million to resolve the charges brought by the FTC.

The law firm notes that the complaints consolidated in the Skechers litigation highlight a May 2011 Consumer’s Report analysis of complaints filed with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Consumer Reports found the highest number of claims dealt with injuries from Skechers Shape-ups and other toning shoes. The analysis says that the toning shoes have a rocker-style bottom designed to create change in a person’s gait which causes instability when walking, and this forces the wearers to use muscles they would not normally use when they walk. The instability, however, has the potential to result in injuries such as turning ankles and causing the walker to fall, Consumer Reports said.
[, May 25, 2011]

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