Laundry Pod Poisoning Reports Rise As Litigation Continues Against Detergent Manufacturers


Wright & Schulte LLC Is Representing Numerous Families In Laundry Pod Poisoning Lawsuits Contending Children and The Eldery Have Suffered Laundry Pod Poisoning and Have Even Died After Ingesting Laundry Detergent Pods.

Liquid-Laundry-Pod-Poisoning-Lawsuits-Wright-and-SchutleAs laundry pod lawsuit litigation continues, poison centers are still seeing an uptick in the number of youngsters being exposed to the packets litigation in laundry pod poisoning lawsuits continues. The American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) recently updated its figures to show that through May 31, poison centers received 4,864 reports of children 5 years old and younger being exposed to highly concentrated laundry detergent packets. Wright & Schulte LLC notes that the current figure is up substantially from the 2,719 reports received as of March 31. “There were over 11,700 cases of exposures to laundry pods reported to the AAPCC in 2014. Small, liquid-filled pods may be convenient for doing laundry, but they have become dangerous, and in some instances deadly to children and adults.”

“The increase in the number of laundry pod exposure reports shows that the potential for poisoning still remains a nationwide problem, despite some changes made in packaging,” says Wright & Schulte LLC. “We still have a long way to go to ensure that these products are no longer hazardous to both children and adults.”

The law firm is representing the families of 13 children and two adults who have been harmed or either fatally injured from exposure to laundry detergent pods. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Richard Schulte, a founding partner with Wright & Schulte, mentioned that two laundry pod exposure cases involves the death of elderly men. In one instance, a nursing home resident in Canada was in another resident’s room where he found laundry detergent packets and bit into four or five of the capsules, according to Mr. Schulte. He also told the Wall Street Journal that the law firm is also handling the case of a 67-year-old Ohio man who was suffering from dementia when he swallowed a Tide Pod and died.
[, May 14, 2015]

The law firm notes that laundry detergent pods have been popular since the products hit the U.S. market in 2012. According to the Wall Street Journal, liquid laundry detergent pods make up 12 percent of the overall laundry detergent market, with sales rising to nearly 30 percent in the year to March to $873.5 million. The wide variety of single-use pods, including Procter & Gamble’s popular Tide Pods and Sun Products All Mighty Pacs, are pre-measured to provide the right amount of detergent needed to wash an average load of clothes. The liquid detergent in pods are highly concentrated, which makes it even more toxic when people are exposed to it, the law firm adds. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says the laundry detergent pod poisoning symptoms most reported among young children are loss of consciousness, excessive vomiting, drowsiness or lethargy, breathing difficulties, coughing, choking, eye irritation or pain, and conjunctivitis (red eyes).

U.S. lawmakers joined the call for changes in liquid laundry detergent pods and their packaging by introducing legislation earlier this year that would toughen safety standards for the products. The Detergent Poisoning and Child Safety (PACS) Act of 2015 requires change in the design and color of the products to make them less appealing to young children and changes in the detergent’s formula to make consequences of exposure less severe. In response to the legislation, representatives of detergent manufacturers issued a statement saying that detergent companies have added easy-to-understand safety icons, improved their warning labels to tell consumers how to properly use and store the products, and changed from clear to opaque packaging so the pods cannot be seen from the outside.
[, February 26, 2015]

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