Just For Men Lawsuits: Richard W. Schulte of Wright & Schulte LLC Appointed Co-Lead Counsel in Federal Litigation


Richard Schulte to Lead Prosecution of just for men lawsuits Filed By Men Who Suffered Skin Injuries Allegedly After Using Just For Men

Just For Men Lawsuits Attorney-Lawyer-Richard-Schulte-Wright-Sculte-LLCJust For Men Lawsuits: Wright & Schulte LLC, an experienced law firm that represents the victims of allegedly defective consumer products, announces that Richard Schulte, a founding partner with the Firm, has been named Co-Lead Counsel in the federal litigation of Just For Men lawsuits now underway in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Illinois. As Co-Lead Counsel, Mr. Richard Schulte will lead the prosecution for Just For Men lawsuits filed on behalf of individuals who suffered severe skin reactions and other injuries allegedly related to their use of Just For Men hair dye products. Mr. Richard Schulte was appointed to this role by the Honorable David R. Herndon in an Order dated July 5, 2016.

“It is an honor to lead the prosecution of cases for those allegedly harmed by Just For Men. We believe the evidence will show that the manufacturers of this hair dye product ailed to provide consumers with adequate warnings regarding the risks associated with Just For Men,” said Mr. Richard Schulte.

Wright & Schulte LLC currently represents hundreds of men from around the country who have allegedly suffered severe chemical burns and other injuries due to the use of Just For Men hair dye. According to court documents, Judge Herndon established the Just For Men Mass Tort Litigation via an Order dated June 14, 2016. The creation of a mass tort docket will allow these just for men lawsuits, as well as any filed in or transferred to the Southern District of Illinois in the future, to undergo certain coordinated pretrial proceedings.

Just For Men Lawsuits

Plaintiffs who have filed Just for Men Lawsuits claim that use of the hair dye products creates an unnecessary risk of burns, scarring, allergic reactions, anaphylactic shock, skin depigmentation and other severe injuries, even when used as directed. They further claim that the manufacturer of the product failed to adequately warn against the negative effects and risks associated with using Just For Men.

According to Just For Men lawsuits, certain chemicals in the hair dye products, including p-Phenylenediamine, are associated with known health risks. For example, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has linked PPD to severe dermatitis, acute contact dermatitis, renal failure, vitiligo, convulsions and comas. In addition, a study by the Cleveland Clinic found that African American men had a higher sensitivity rate to PPD (21.2 percent) compared to Caucasians (4.2 percent). Despite other studies and reports regarding the adverse reactions of African-American males to the product, the Just For Men lawsuits assert that Defendants aggressively targeted the African-American community in their Just For Men marketing and advertising campaigns.

Individuals who suffered chemical burns and other adverse reactions allegedly related to Just For Men hair dye may be entitled to compensation for medical bills and other damages. To learn more, or to arrange for a free legal consultation with an attorney at Wright & Schulte LLC, please visit yourlegalhelp.com.

About Wright & Schulte LLC and Filing A Just For Men Lawsuit

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