Just for Men Lawsuit Attorneys at Wright & Schulte LLC Raise Awareness of Alleged Chemical Burns From Men’s Hair Dye


Wright & Schulte LLC Initiates New Just for Men Lawsuit TV Ad Campaign, As the Firm Continues to Investigate Reports that Just for Men Hair Dye Products May Have Caused Some Men to Suffer Severe Chemical Burns

Just-For-Men-chemical-burn-Wright-and-Schulte-LLC After a recent influx of calls by men who experienced sores and skin burns after using Just for Men, Wright & Schulte has decided to raise awareness of serious health issues that may be associated with use of the popular men’s hair dye product. As part of its efforts, the firm recently initiated a new television advertising campaign to inform the public of claims linking Just for Men products to the development of severe and painful chemical burns. Among other things, the commercial spots will provide viewers with information about the legal options available to the alleged victims of Just for Men chemical burns, as well as information on accessing the legal resources needed to pursue a claim for compensation should they wish to do so.

The firm is currently representing more than 1300 men in Just For Men lawsuits who experienced chemical burns after using the mens’ hair dye.

According to Wright & Schulte, Just for Men users may be eligible to file a product liability lawsuit if they experienced any of the following reactions while using a Just for Men product:

• Swelling on the Face
• Severe Burning Pain on Skin
• Weeping Sores on the Skin
• Severe Itching on the Skin
• Blistering of Skin
• Skin Rash that Spreads Rapidly
• Facial Scarring

These types of injuries and reactions were documented by a report published by the NewsTribune.com website in October 2012. The report detailed a number of instances were Just for Men users were forced to seek emergency medical care following use of the product.
[newstribune.com/news/2012/oct/23/just-men-hair-dye-users-report-allergic-reactions/ October, 2012]

In June 2014, Wright & Schulte, along with its co-counsel, filed a Just for Men lawsuit on behalf of a New Jersey Man suffered a severe reaction, including cellulitis, allegedly due to his use of a Just for Men hair dye product. The lawsuit, which was filed on June 23, 2014, in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Westchester County, alleges that Combe, Inc. and Combe International did not adequately warn against the negative effects and risks associated with Just for Men products.

According to the complaint, the Plaintiff purchased a Just for Men product in June 2012, and used it as directed on June 23, 2012. That same day, he suffered a severe reaction that presented with weeping sores, redness and extreme swelling. As a result of his injuries, the Plaintiff received medical treatment including, but not limited to four days of hospitalization, prescription medication, and IV treatment.
Victims of chemical burns, severe rashes, blistering of skin, scarring or other serious reactions allegedly linked to Just For Men hair dye may be entitled to compensation for medical bills and other damages. To learn more, or to arrange for a free legal consultation with an attorney at Wright & Schulte LLC, please visit yourlegalhelp.com.

About Wright & Schulte LLC and Filing a Just For Men Lawsuit: Wright & Schulte LLC, an experienced personal injury firm, is dedicated to the belief that America’s legal system should work for the people. Every day, the attorneys of Wright & Schulte LLC stand up for the rights of people who have been injured or wronged and fight tirelessly to ensure that even the world’s most powerful corporations take responsibility for their actions. If you’re looking for a law firm that will guarantee the aggressive and personal representation you deserve, please do not hesitate to contact Wright & Schulte LLC today. Free Just for Men lawsuit case evaluations are available through www.yourlegalhelp.com or by calling 1-800-399-0795.

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