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oxyelite-pro-jack3d-lawsuit-lawyerTwo popular dietary supplements, Jack3d and OxyElite Pro, have been tied to severe liver damage, liver failure, acute hepatitis and even instances of death. Both supplements are manufacturered by the Texas-based company, USPLabs, and contain a dietary ingredient called DMAA, which is known to increase risk of serious injury and death.

Jack3d (pronounced “jacked,”) is marketed to increase a user’s strength, speed and endurance. OxyElite Pro was advertised as a weight loss supplement that assists in muscle building. Both dietary supplements were once regularly sold at popular retail stores nationwide, including GNC and Vitamin Shoppe stores.

If you or a family member has suffered serious injury including acute liver damage or failure or hepatitis as a result of taking the dietary supplement Jack3d, you should consult a Jack3d lawyer as soon as possible to find out if you should file an Jack3d Lawsuit. It is important to consult a Jack3d lawyer as early as possible, as this will serve to ensure that your rights to a claim remain fully protected. The Jack3d attorneys at Wright & Schulte LLC are dedicated to ensuring that the victims of the Jack3d recall receive the justice they deserve. To learn more, contact Wright & Schulte LLC as soon possible for a free, no-obligation Jack3d lawsuit consultation to guarantee you are treated fairly and receive the full compensation.

The dietary supplement DMAA

DMAA is often described in medical literature as a synthetic stimulant similar to amphetamines. DMAA can constrict blood vessels, increase blood pressure and heart rate. This leads to a potential increase in the risk of stroke and heart attack. In 2005, dietary supplement manufacturers began to market DMAA in workout and weight-loss products. These supplement manufacturers often combine the substance with caffeine, which may enhance its effects.

DMAA Cases in the United States

In 2011, two U.S. soldiers died after using Jack3d. The U.S. Department of Defense removed all products known to contain DMAA from all stores on military bases, including more than 100 GNC locations. The U.S. military commissioned a study into the safety of DMAA products. According to a team of researchers, when DMAA is combined with other ingredients, such as caffeine, there may be “significant consequences” that result. The study found that DMAA continues to be available as an ingredient in dietary supplements despite a lack of evidence that it qualifies as a dietary ingredient.

Under current federal law, dietary supplements are defined as natural substances that contain only dietary ingredients; however, the stimulant used in OxyElite Pro, Jack3d and other workout boosters was developed in the 1940s as an inhalant drug for nasal congestion by Eli Lilly, a major pharmaceutical company.

Jack3d Lawsuit News: Jack3d Death Injury Lawsuit against USPLabs and GNC

The parents of one of the soliders who died after using Jack3d have recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against USPLabs and GNC, where their son purchased the supplement. The lawsuit claims that both companies deceptively marketed Jack3d as a safe and effective dietary supplement while failing to warn consumers about its possible health risks. The lawsuit seeks unspecified punitive damages.

Critics of the current federal policy believe that the lawsuit helps bring to light blatant gaps in product safety and regulation in the dietary supplement industry, estimated to be worth approximately $30 billion in America.

Jack3d And FDA Warning letters

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued warning letters to 10 marketers of dietary supplements containing DMAA. Health regulators have criticized the federal agency for failing to take more definitive action. Regulators in at least seven other countries, including Canada and Australia, have effectively banned supplements containing DMAA.

Critics argue that FDA warnings and other statements do little to actually deter consumers from heeding their warnings.

Following a crackdown on use of DMAA by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), USPLabs voluntarily destroyed $8 million worth of supplements. USPLabs has agreed to stop manufacturing supplements with DMAA.

Those who have been injured as a result of DMAA, the stimulant contained in dietary supplements like OxyElite Pro and Jack3d, may be eligible for recovery of civil damages under state law. If you or a loved one has suffered negative health consequences of OxyElite Pro or Jack3d, you should consult an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Severe health risks that may be linked to DMAA, a stimulant contained in OxyElite Pro and Jack3d, include:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Liver failure
  • Non-viral hepatitis
  • Death

USPLabs Jack3d Banned In US, England, Australia, and other countries

Jack3d, a sports supplement popular with fitness fanatics was banned in the US, Britain, Australia and other countries because it may have harmful side-effects due to the ingredient DMAA.

Jack3d and OxyElite Pro, Certain workout-booster and fat-burning products, sold by retailers like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe, are illegal and may present serious health hazards to consumers, federal health regulators have determined. These popular products contain a stimulant known as dimethylamylamine, or DMAA for short. In a public warning in April of 2013, the FDA, Food and Drug Administration said the stimulant DMAA did not qualify as a legal dietary supplement ingredient and that it could cause increased blood pressure, which could potentially lead to heart attacks and other health problems.
The FDA since early 2008, has received 86 health problem reports, including at least five deaths, in people who injested DMAA products. Although these reports do not prove that the stimulant was the direct cause of these health problems, agency officials warned people not to consume the ingredient.
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Questions were already being asked about the safety of products containing DMAA including Jack3d, after it was found in the bloodstream of two young US soldiers who collapsed and died while training in 2011. While it was never proved their deaths where caused by DMAA, the incidents prompted the DoD, US Defense Department to ban the sale of products containing DMAA from base stores.
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Jack3d, was banned in Britain because it may have harmful side-effects. The drink Jack3D, said to boost energy, concentration and metabolism, contained the stimulant known as DMAA (dimethylamylamine) which has physiological effect on the body by narrowing the arteries and raising the heart rate and has been linked to high blood pressure, headaches, vomiting, stroke and even a death. The UK’s medicines watchdog MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) ruled that it is unlicensed and any DMAA containing products need to be removed from the market to protect public safety.
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In Australia, authorities banned the sports supplement ingredient DMAA because of concerns it could have lethal side-effects. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) banned the sale, supply and use of the DMAA and even included the chemical in its poisons standard. It has been linked to harmful side-effects including high blood pressure, headaches, vomiting, stroke and death. Dr. John Skerritt of the TGA said the supplements are generally combined into so-called sports food for body builders to bulk themselves up, or to increase their muscle mass.
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The Jack3d attorneys at Wright & Schulte LLC are dedicated to ensuring that the victims of the Jack3d recall receive the justice they deserve. To learn more, contact Wright & Schulte LLC as soon possible for a free, no-obligation Jack3d lawsuit consultation to guarantee you are treated fairly and receive all the compensation the law allows.

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