Da Vinci Robotic Surgery Lawsuit News: Wright & Schulte LLC Disturbed by New Instrument Recall Issued by Intuitive Surgical, Inc.


Da Vinci Robot Instrument Arms Can Stall During Surgery, Resulting In a Sudden “Catch-Up” if the Surgeon Pushes through the Resistance.

da-vinci-robotic-lawsuit-robot-surgery-lawsuits-attorneyThe Da Vinci robotic surgery lawsuit attorneys at Wright & Schulte LLC were disturbed to learn that Intuitive Surgical, Inc. has warned that instrument arms used with the Da Vinci Surgical System may stall during surgical procedures. According to a new posting on the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)website, the agency has declared the warning a Class II recall. This designation indicates the affected instruments may cause “temporary or medically reversible” health problems.

Wright & Schulte LLC has learned from Bloomberg News, that 1,386 Da Vinci systems worldwide could be affected by this new da Vinci robot recall. Intuitive Surgical says it received one report of interrupted motion during surgery that resulted in an imprecise cut, and two others where surgeons reported feeling resistance. However, the company says no patients were injured. The recalled Da Vinci instruments are not being removed from the market. Rather, Intuitive has asked hospitals to schedule inspections of their da Vinci robots, so repairs and replacements can be made.
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An earlier report from Bloomberg News, states the Da Vinci robot was used in more than 350,000 minimally-invasive surgeries last year. However, in recent months, Wright & Schulte LLC has taken note of the rising controversy surrounding the technology, as questions about both its safety and effectiveness have continued to mount. On November 8th, for example, the FDA released results of a physician survey that raised questions about the efficacy of current Da Vinci robot training protocols and the need for a more standardized approach. This year alone, the FDA has received 3,697 adverse event reports regarding Da Vinci robot complications, compared to only 1,595 reports for all of 2012, Bloomberg said.
[ bloomberg.com/news/2013-11-11/robot-surgery-incidents-may-pressure-hospital-training.html, November 2013 ]

Wright & Schulte LLC further points out that in October, Intuitive reported that about 50 Da Vinci robotic surgery lawsuits had been filed on behalf of individuals who claim they sustained serious injuries during Da Vinci robot-assisted surgeries. According to a regulatory filing issued by the company, these lawsuits allege that patient injuries were either the result of inadequate training on the part of Intuitive, or defects in the technology.
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