Da Vinci Robot Lawsuits Raise Questions About Physician Training, Wright & Schulte LLC Reports


Da Vinci Robotic Surgery Lawsuits Suggest Lack of Doctor Training by Intuitive Surgical Contributed to Serious Da Vinci Surgery Complications, including Organ Puncture, Surgical Burns and Torn Blood Vessels.

Da-Vinci-Robot-Lawsuit-Injuries-Wright-&-Schulte-LLCWright & Schulte LLC, an experienced medical device law firm that is currently investigating Da Vinci robotic surgery lawsuits, is disturbed by the growing number of claims that allege inadequate physician training contributed to serious complications in robotic surgery procedures where the Da Vinci Surgical System was used. According to a report recently published by Bloomberg.com, of 10 Da Vinci robot lawsuits filed against Intuitive Surgical in the past 15 months, nearly all cite Intuitive Surgical’s training regimen.

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• Vaginal cuff dehiscence
• Excessive bleeding
• Surgical burns
• Sepsis
• Peritonitis
• Death
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According to the Bloomberg report, Intuitive Surgical’s Da Vinci Surgical System was used in 367,000 U.S. operations last year. There currently exist no universally accepted standards to train physicians to use the robot. That’s left many hospitals dependent on guidance from Intuitive, which has faced criticism it rushes training to speed revenue growth. For example, emails disclosed in one Da Vinci robot lawsuit suggest the company’s salesmen lobbied hospitals to scale back doctor training. In another, a manager told a sales team not to “let proctoring or credentialing get in the way” of meeting goals on the number of robot surgeries. Other documents introduced in the same lawsuit indicate that prior to its approval in 2000, Intuitive told the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) that company would create a 70-question quiz and a three-day training course that all operating-room personnel would attend. However, off-site training was cut to one day, and the test to 10 questions just months after the Da Vinci Surgical System was launched, according to Bloomberg.

According to Wright & Schulte, plaintiffs in Da Vinci robotic surgery lawsuits are not the only parties to have raised questions about the safety of the Da Vinci Surgical System. In January, the FDA launched a probe of the Da Vinci robot to determine if an increase in adverse events related to such procedures is a reflection of a real and growing problem. Among other things, the survey asks doctors to discuss their training on the machine.

Recently, the American College of Gynecologists (ACOG) advised its members that robotic-assisted hysterectomy should not be the first choice for most women in need of the procedure. And just last month, the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine released a statement on its website expressing concern over an increasing number of reports of patient complications related to robotic surgery in the last two years.

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