Corn Farmers Continue To File Close To 1,200 Syngenta GMO Corn Lawsuits Under Federal MDL


Syngenta GMO Corn Lawsuits Continue On Behalf Of U.S. Farmers And Agribusinesses Purporting Financial Losses Blaming Syngenta For China’s Rejection of Corn shipments

Syngenta-corn-lawsuit-Viptera-Corn-Damage-LawsuitFive months after the first nine Syngenta GMO corn lawsuits were consolidated in a Kansas MDL No. 2591, the product liability attorneys at Wright & Schulte LLC report that the number of corn lawsuits in the federal litigation has risen significantly. According to the JPML, 1,173 Syngenta lawsuits are pending in the U.S. District Court, District of Kansas as of May 6. The lawsuits were filed on behalf of U.S. farmers, grain handlers and processors who allege that the Swiss-based Syngenta AG genetically modified (GMO) its corn seed with the Agrisure Viptera MIR 162 trait and shipped it to China without first receiving China’s approval of the bioengineered product. According to the GMO corn lawsuits, China began rejecting the GMO corn seed in November 2013 after discovering the corn was tainted with the Viptera trait.The Syngenta complaints allege that China, which is one of the largest importers of U.S corn, turned back more than 1.2 million tons of U.S. corm costing U.S agribusinesses more than $1 billion. In December, the federal judicial panel centralized all federally filed Syngenta complaints for pretrial proceedings in the Kansas federal court. (In Re: Syngenta AG MIR 162 Corn Litigation – MDL No. 2591)

“To see the Syngenta lawsuits that numbered nine in December at the time of consolidation and now number over 1,170 shows how Syngenta’s actions have affected many in the corn industry,” says Wright & Schulte, LLC which is representing corn farmers nationwide in the Syngenta GMO litigation. The law firm has also held numerous town meetings for Ohio farmers, corn distributors and others who may have incurred significant financial losses due to Syngenta’s marketing of its Viptera GMO corn seed. “We have met with to many corn farmers at Town Hall Meetings and have seen first hand how Syngenta’s actions have affected corn farms across the country including those in our midwestern corn belt covering Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas.” If you are a corn farmers and believe you have been financially harmed by Syngenta’s actions, contact the experienced corn attorneys at Wright & Schulte LLC at 1-800-399-0795 or visit for a free, legal review of your claim.

According to court documents, at issue in the Syngenta litigation is the company’s recommendation that farmers plant its Viptera or Duracade corn seed, another bioengineered seed designed to eliminate corn-eating insects and yield significant crop growth. The Syngenta complaints claim that the company encouraged side-by-side planting of Viptera corn with non-Viptera corn. According to the complaints, the corn supplied by farmers who did not plant the GMO corn seed was also rejected by China, as well as other exporting markets, because their non-GMO corn was contaminated with the GMO corn. The Syngenta complaints contend that Syngenta knew or should have known of the risk and consequences of commingling Viptera corn with the broader corn supply. The GMO corn lawsuits also contend that Syngenta sought approval from China in 2010 to export GMO corn, but misled farmers by marketing the GMO corn without ensuring that the bioengineered corn could be exported to China. (In Re: Syngenta AG MIR 162 Corn Litigation – MDL No. 2591)

As stated in the court documents and by Syngenta, China did not give approval until December 2014 to import the Agrisure Viptera corn grain and processing byproducts, such as dried distiller grains for food and feed use. The law firm comments that China’s approval does not change the financial losses incurred by the plaintiffs and the litigation continues.

Wright & Schulte LLC continues to investigate the financial troubles faced by corn farmers across the country purportedly due to Syngenta’s actions and offers free legal consultations to corn farms, corn distributors and all those affected by the unapproved GMO corn seed. To speak with one of the attorneys at Wright & Schulte LLC, call 1-800-399-0795 or visit for more information on the growing GMO corn litigation.

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