Car Seat Recall: Combi USA Issues Recall of 33,000 Child Car Seats Following NHTSA Mandate


Child Car Seat Recall Is Issued After NHTSA Issues Mandate To Combi USA Citing Issues with Restraining Straps.

Combi-Child-Safety-Seat-Recall-your-legal-help-Wright-and-Schulte-LLCCombi USA is currently in the process of recalling approximately 33,000 child car seats after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reportedly found that the restraining straps on these safety seats were at risk of breaking during vehicle collisions. According to the recall announcement, the specific child car seats included in this national recall include:

  • Coccoro car seats (Model 8220), which were produced from January 2009 through December 2012 – Nearly 23,360 of these car seats are estimated to be in circulation.
  • Zeus Turn car seats (Model 8815), which were produced from July 2007 through March 2009 – Nearly 4,400 of these car seats have been estimated to be in circulation.
  • Zeus 360 car seats (Model 8336), which were produced from February 2009 through May 2012 – Nearly 5,400 of these car seats have been estimated to be in circulation.
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    Federal Child Car Seat Safety Standards

    Combi USA and other companies who manufacture child car seats in the U.S. are required to test the car seats they make and to certify that these seats have passed all of the necessary federal safety standards. In fact, the NHTSA considers the federal car seat safety standards to be the minimum amount of the safety requirements that child car seats should meet. Once manufacturers have tested and certified their own car seats, the NHTSA then performs its own spot checks on the manufacturers’ tests, checking to verify if the car seats are as safe as the manufacturers purport them to be.

    Background on the Combi Child Car Seat Recall

    In the case of the recalled Combi child car seats, the NHTSA conducted its spot check testing in 2010 to verify whether or not these car seats met the minimum federal safety standards. When NHTSA officials found that the harnesses on the Combi car seats did not hold up during crash tests, they contacted Combi and issued the company a mandate to perform a recall of these defective child car seats.

    Instead of responding to the NHTSA’s notice by issuing a national recall, Combi officials attempted to circumvent the recall by requesting that its car seats be excused from the recall. According to this request, Combi alleged that its own testing on the car seats in question did not show harness failures and that “under no circumstances” would the safety restraints break in a real-world vehicle collision.

    The NHTSA reviewed and ultimately rejected Combi’s request, forcing the company to proceed with this national car seat recall.

    For More Info about the Combi Car Seat Recall

    According to the recall notice, representatives at Combi will start contacting registered owners of the recalled child car seats in February 2014 to inform them of the recall. At that time, the company will also reportedly be sending owners free harness replacement kits to replace the defective restraints in the recalled car seats. Parents can get more information about this Combi car seat recall by calling (800) 543-7734.

    Product Liability Lawyers and Lawsuits

    The product liability lawyers at Wright & Schulte LLC encourage parents whose children may have been injured as a result of these reportedly defective car seats to learn more about their legal rights. Free case evaluations are available through or by calling (937) 222-7477.

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