Imprelis Lawsuit Filed By Wright & Schulte LLC on Behalf of Missouri Property Owner Days Who Sustained Imprelis Tree Damage before June 28 Deadline to Opt Out of Imprelis Class-Action Lawsuit Settlement


Wright & Schulte attorneys have filed another Imprelis lawsuit on behalf of a Missouri property owner. This case was filed on June 24, 2013, just days before the impending June 28 deadline to opt out of DuPont’s class-action Imprelis lawsuit settlement.

Imprelis-Tree-Damage-Settlement-Lawsuit-Lawyers-Wright-Schulte-LLCAnother Imprelis lawsuit has been filed by the product liability lawyers at Wright & Schulte, LLC. This Imprelis Tree Damage Lawsuit (Case No. 2:13-cv-04164) was filed on June 24, 2013 on behalf of a property owner from Missouri and names E.I. DuPont De Nemours and Co. as the defendant. This Imprelis lawsuit specifically alleges that many of the trees and other plant life on the plaintiff’s property were irreversibly damaged, if not killed, due to Imprelis use. Additionally, this Imprelis Tree Damage lawsuit contends that DuPont misrepresented Imprelis as being a safe and effective herbcide and that it failed to warn consumers of the risks of tree damage and death associated with Imprelis use even after reports of Imprelis tree damage began to surface.

Wright & Schulte, LLC specializes in defending the rights of those who have suffered damages and losses after the use of dangerous products. Our experienced Imprelis attorneys have a proven track record of successfully going up against large corporations. We welcome individuals who have lost trees, shrubs and other plant life due to the application of Imprelis to speak with our product liability lawyers by visiting or by calling 1-800-399-0795.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff contracted with a lawn care company, Atkins, Inc., in the summer of 2011, and employees of Atkins applied Imprelis to the plaintiff’s property in June 2011. Although Imprelis was only applied once to the plaintiff’s property, and the Imprelis application was per DuPont’s directions, many trees and other plant life on the plaintiff’s property were irreversibly destroyed due to Imprelis. Specific indications of Imprelis tree damage and death that the plaintiff’s plant life displayed reportedly included browning, curling, twisting, stunted leaf growth and stem die-back.

Deadline for Property Owners to Opt Out of Class-Action Settlement is this Friday, June 28th

The plaintiff in this individual Imprelis lawsuit has chosen to opt out of the class-action Imprelis lawsuit settlement in order to secure compensation that more adequately reflects the losses and costs she incurred due to use of Imprelis. Others who have Imprelis complaints will have to opt out of DuPont’s settlement by June 28, 2013 in order to preserve their right to file individual Imprelis lawsuits.

The reason that property owners and others are being urged to opt out of DuPont’s Imprelis settlement offer by June 28 is that this offer fails to adequately compensate plaintiffs for their damaged trees, the costs of re-planting and re-surfacing and the potential loss in property value reportedly linked to the use of Imprelis.

Specifically, while DuPont’s settlement offer has stipulated that the company may refuse to offer compensation to consumers for trees it deems to have not been sufficiently damaged, DuPont has also stated, as part of the offer, that the company will likely not compensate plaintiffs for alleged Imprelis damage sustained by other brush or vegetation nor for potential future Imprelis tree damage. Because the long-term effects of Imprelis damage are currently unknown, not offering compensation for future Imprelis tree damage could translate to incalculable costs to property owners in the future.

By opting out of the Imprelis class-action settlement, property owners and others can maintain their right to file individual Imprelis lawsuits against DuPont. As Richard Schulte, a partner with Wright & Schulte LLC, has pointed out, property owners and others have far better chances of obtaining the full amount of compensation they deserve by opting out of the Imprelis class-action settlement by June 28, 2013 and pursing individual Imprelis lawsuits. “None of our clients are participating in the settlements because the offers are inadequate,” has stated Mr. Schulte.
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